Find Comics

I want you to discover comics you've never seen before, both on the web and off. Some of these are NSFW (Not Safe For Work), which means they include subject matter (either off-color humor or swearing) that probably aren't appropriate if you're under 18. If you're still a minor, better give those a miss for now. But plenty of links are to all-ages stuff, which are PG-rated or even G-rated. Pixar has proven you don't need to swear and blow people's heads off to tell great stories, so check these out, even if you think you're "too old". :-)

All Ages Comics

This group is either G or PG-rated. Most of them have some elements of suspense (i.e., chases and characters in peril) that might be a bit much for very young readers, but there's plenty of great reading material for elementary and secondary students here.

Adults, don't rule this category out. Plenty of terrific storytelling and gorgeous artwork hide in so-called "kids stories" and most of these aren't aimed specifically at kids, they just appeal to everyone.

NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

Um... yeah. 18-and-over only, folks. I don't link to anything hardcore, but the language, some R-rated violence or occasional adult subject matter means these aren't for kids. The "anything goes" nature of the web means that there are plenty of these out there, but again, don't write them off because of the category. Some of these have questionable moments very seldom, but still... Better to be forewarned.