About Epic Poodle

I'm Bill Gathen, aka "Epic Poodle".

I'm a part-time artist, full-time computer programmer, father and husband, but not in that order.

I've been a writer for the last 30 years, but now my overwhelming desire is to create a graphic novel. In teaching myself to draw and create comics, I was inspired to create this site, in the hopes that it would help people with that creative spark achieve their goals, whatever they might be.

I believe that art in all its forms is important, and that it shouldn't just be the right of the wealthy who can afford fancy tools and formal training. If you have the drive to create, and a computer to read this website on, I want to help give you the tools to create the art you dream of. Even if you never make a dime from it, art is worth the effort all on its own. This is a belief I cultivate in my children every day and I hope it's one you cultivate with yours.